What We Did

Web Design, Logo Design, SEO

Project Turnaround

2 months

Launch Date

September 2016

Graphic Design, SEO, Web Design
Simon Says, Small Business, startup, Web Design
About This Project

Simon and his wife, Bridget, had been investing in a social media startup that they were excited to see grow exponentially in a short time. They found that their interest began to extend beyond watching as an investor, and they enjoyed joining in on social influencer conversations.

Simon approached me with their idea of becoming an online influencer in the sphere of fashion, lifestyle and luxury products. They had built a large reach quickly on Instagram, but didn’t have a web destination to direct their audience for further information and interest. They also didn’t even have a logo.

Together we created a sleek brand, with a simple yet elegant logo and WordPress-based website. One of their core focuses was on the images they were curating, so we made that a central part of the website. Since most of the users were coming from Instagram, we knew that the mobile site had to be a core focus of how we designed the site. Therefore, we chose a highly responsive theme, and customized it further to ensure that all features on desktop would be relevant on mobile.

Simon Says continues to expand and build their website and influence, and we were excited to be able to help them gain their footing in their startup phase.