What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

What IS a digital marketing strategy anyway?

A digital marketing strategy is what determines the way you should go about presenting your business in the digitally connected world. The most commonly used forms of digital media in marketing would be websites, social media, online video, mobile web and mobile apps. Generally, for small businesses, these are the key things to think about when considering a digital marketing plan.

However, just to tease you a little, I want to add that just as what used to be new frontier (like websites)  has become commonplace, there are still new technologies that are being introduced. QR codes, near field communications, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence — these all sound futuristic but many big tech players are looking to work these innovations into our every day lives. Digital media covers all of that, so it may not be too long from now when it starts appearing in small business marketing plans.

To come up with a sound marketing strategy, whether digital or not, you need some key insights into four major aspects of your business – your target customers, their environment, your competitors, and your own company. Those insights combined with your business goals allows you to determine which digital behaviors produce opportunities for your business to capitalize on. From there, you develop a key strategic path, which dictates the tactics by which you achieve your goal.

Here’s a very dumbed down example:

Let’s say your business’ goal is to sell shoes.

And after brainstorming, you found your major insights are:

  1. Your customers feel their shoes are a direct representation of their lifestyle
  2. In their cultural environment, shoe buying is a social thing where friends go together to shop
  3. Your competitors offer very typical shoe buying experience online
  4. Your business tends toward lifestyle

Your strategy may be: Create a social shoe buying experience online where friends can share and shop together before they buy

Tactics from that may include:

  1. Creating an ecommerce page with built-in chat function that pulls from your Facebook friend list
  2. Creating and managing an Instagram account where you encourage people to share and hashtag photos of their potential shoe purchases
  3. Inviting bloggers to share their experience shopping for shoes on your site and offering them a free pair of shoes

Although this example is extremely basic, I hope you get an idea of the process that leads to a digital marketing plan being created. A mistake many businesses make is to jump right to the end tactics without first considering the goals and insights. They may see that everyone around them has a Twitter account, so they create one, only to find that their target customers don’t use Twitter and they don’t have much to say on the social network. Going through this strategic exercise will help ensure that your small business makes purposeful and effective moves in the digital space.

At First Days Digital, we’re happy to take you through the ideation and creation of your digital marketing strategy. Please contact us to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you!