Kindness Rocks: An Opportunity for Small Businesses

Watching trends spread among school aged kids in America is almost as subtle as watching the ripples from a 2 ton boulder dropped in a pond. Some trends are fun and educational, and some (like fidget spinners and bottle flipping)… well, not so much.

The latest activity that has captured the hearts of children and their parents all around the nation started off as the Kindness Rocks project. It’s been adopted and adapted by communities all around the US and the world, taking on different names but generally in the same form. You paint rocks with fun and interesting graphics or meaningful messages, hide them around your community, and wait for others to find them. If you find a rock, you’re encouraged to paint your own and leave a rock, spreading joy and kindness to strangers in your area.

The idea itself is fantastic – it keeps kids busy, creative, thoughtful, and off screens on these hot summer days – and it makes a fun game out of finding and hiding these little treasures. Many communities have started Facebook groups to share pictures and hints of where rocks are hidden. Parents approve and so do kids!

Kindness rocks also opens up opportunities for small businesses to get involved. The whole premise of the idea is a focus on local activities and local communities, which fits the reach of most small businesses to a tee.

Have a think about how you could get in and spread some kindness as a small business! Look to see if there’s already a group in your community, a simple search on Facebook for your town’s name + the word Rocks may turn up something! If not, consider starting one yourself!

One perfect example of a small business activation in my local community is a landscaping company offering free rocks for families to get and paint. A few shovels of these gardening rocks cost them very little, but many families have taken them up on the offer, and then publicly thanked them on social media for providing the rocks. They may also have gained some new loyal customers by a simple act of kindness.

You could also paint your logo on the rocks and get the word out about your business. The caveat to this though is to make sure you offer something of value to those who pick up these rocks. Remember, this is supposed to be an act of *kindness* not a paid billboard advertisement. If you come off as spamming kids rock painting projects, that will likely not go well for your business. But if you offer something of value, it will be seen as kindness and accepted with a smile instead of frowned upon.

Good implementations for this might be:

  • A local ice cream shop offering a free cone to anyone who finds their rock
  • A souvenir cup or tshirt for those who find the company’s hidden rock and posts a photo on Facebook
  • A local art store offering to spray the rocks for free with an acrylic coating, “just bring your rocks down to the store!”

There are so many different ways to get onboard with this trend, all you have to do is get creative!