Convert Website visitors to Facebook Page Likes

I want to respond to a question that a fellow mom and small business owner in HK posted on our Facebook page.

How do you convert people who get to your website to like your Facebook or Instagram page?

Great question.

First thing we have to understand is something that you’ll hear a lot of marketers in the biz talk about, and that’s the value exchange that happens on social media.

If you want customers to follow you (i.e. Like your Facebook Page or Follow your Instagram profile), you’re asking for something valuable from them – their time, your presence in their personal space on those social networks – and in return for this, you need to give them something that is valuable to them.

Some marketers call this dating or “wooing your customers”. Whatever it’s called, it’s just how it works.

The tough part is finding what that thing of value is that you can offer which the customer will actually accept. It’s not always a handout or a freebie, though for e-commerce, monetary value (like a discount) is definitely a powerful tool.

For some businesses, the value provided is simply giving knowledge that people want, such as good, healthy recipes, daily inspiration or free business tips.

The key is to know your customers and what actually matters to them. It’s tough nowadays because there are SO many companies vying for that space in your customer’s mind and they’re willing to offer all sorts of things.

So Victoria, just brainstorming for your e-commerce store, but you may want to have a banner on your website that says something like:

“Hey! Do you want a 5% discount code that can be applied to your next order? Simply like our Facebook Page, send us a Facebook message and we will message you back with a custom discount code, just for you!”

P.S. An added bonus of this type of promotion is that Facebook has made it so if a user messages your brand page, your page can then message them whenever you want. Some companies have started to use this Facebook messenger feature in the same was as email marketing.

If you don’t want to offer a discount, think of something else that could draw people to your page. But make sure it’s compelling!