Brandless, the $3 Store: Do you believe?

A new online store has just launched, and everything they sell is just $3. Brandless states on their website About Us page – “Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, transparency, and community-driven values. Better stuff, fewer dollars. It’s that simple.”

The company claims that we pay 40% more for branded products because of a so called “BrandTax” (which they’ve trademarked). But is Brandless really “without a brand”? And are customers really getting cost savings passed down to them?

Reading through comments on various posts referring to the new store, it seems most regular (non-marketing) people aren’t convinced. And I think they’re right.

The idea of “Brandless” is in and of itself a brand. And it’s almost clever enough to work. Although people can see through the branding technique, I personally think it will really come down to whether the products are actually quality and worth the value.

At $3 a pop for a Brandless White Dinner Plate which is Made in China, I’m not sure that I’m really getting better products for cheaper. IKEA offers a white plate for $1, probably also Made in China.

I’ll probably stick to shopping at Target, Amazon & Costco for my foods and home goods. What about you?

Featured Image selected from Brandless Facebook Page