6 Surprisingly Big Brands on WordPress

I recommend using Wordpress as the website builder for most of my small business clients because it is free, flexible, extremely well established, and has an extraordinary variety of features that can be plugged into the site. From well-designed theme templates to SEO to eCommerce, WordPress works so well because so many different people have contributed to it.

But even I was astonished to stumble across the WordPress.org Showcase page, which lists some of the big companies that use WordPress for their own websites. No, WordPress isn’t just great for small mom & pop shops, huge brands like Walt Disney, Clorox, Sony Music, and even content-heavy sites like The New Yorker and Time Inc., all boast WordPress as their backbone.

Here were some of my favorites, many of which were surprising to me:

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The Walt Disney Company

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


Hot off the heels of their box office success with the Star Wars movie, I love that Walt Disney would use WordPress for their company site. I also love how simple the site is.


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Time Inc.

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


When I first saw the list, I thought immediately. Sure there are some big brands, but surely no content or media based company would use WordPress to host ALL their content (articles, images, comments, etc.), right? They’d probably want their own proprietary super complex CMS. That’s why I was so surprised to see Time (both Time Inc and Time.com) and a quite a few other news sites in the list. Kudos to WordPress for being able to handle super content heavy websites.

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The New Yorker

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


The New Yorker is another reputable media company that uses WordPress as their content management system. It helps that their site design is clean and simple.



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Boston Market

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


Can’t lie, Boston Market is a secret indulgence for me when I’m home in New Jersey. Being in Hong Kong right now makes me miss it oh so much, which is why I’m posting it here. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing a big succulent piece of rotisserie chicken when they first arrive on a quick-chain restaurant site?[/vc_column]

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Microsoft News Center

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


I was surprised to see Microsoft on the list because I’d imagine that as an entire company dedicated solely to technology, you’d be able to find some people to create a custom built CMS to host some pieces of news, rather than using WordPress. However, this is just another testament to how WordPress is super easy, flexible, and can be used quickly and efficiently to create a site that works for any company size. In the end, I imagine the people in charge of the Microsoft New Center just figured, “Why reinvent the wheel?”[/vc_column][vc_column width=’1/3′]

Mercedes Benz

[View the WordPress Showcase Page]


The Mercedes Benz site is sleek and very on brand. And even though I’m sure spending some money to create a custom CMS for their website would be small potatoes, they decided just to go with Wordpress for free. I’m assuming because they know it works just as well![/vc_column][/vc_row]


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Featured image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mkhmarketing/8469030267/